Some Organisations may not accept an incorrect police check type. 

There are two common types of police checks in Australia.

  1. Australia Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC)
  2. Australian Federal Police (AFP)

So whats the difference?

ACIC Check: ACIC work with Australian police agencies to deliver the National Police Checking Service. The Service allows people to apply for a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check, commonly called a police check.
This check is for general Employment and Volunteer purposes.

AFP Check: The AFP only provide National Police Checks for: • residents of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Jervis Bay Territory and external Commonwealth territories
• people seeking employment with the Commonwealth Government

What type of police check do I need?

In most circumstances, such as when requesting one for employment, you will only need to obtain a National Police Check. A National Police Check provides you with a basic overview but it doesn’t have the security and complete reliability of an Australian Federal Police Check. Therefore, in special circumstances, such as for Immigration purposes, an Australian Federal Police Check is needed. An Australian Federal Police Check is far more comprehensive and secure of the two options. AFP Checks are printed on secure paper to guarantee their legitimacy, featuring light-responsive images, heat-sensitive ink, and microtype text borders to prevent fraudulence.

Since there are some differences between the two types, it’s best to get clarification upfront from your employer or the organisation requesting a police check about which type is required for your circumstances.

It’s also important to highlight that there is also one other type of pre-employment screening program that is commonly required in various industries and which employees may come into contact with children is a “Working with Children Check”.

Click here to ensure your selecting the correct police check type, between Employment/Volunteer (ACIC) & Visa/Immigration (AFP) check.