Select correct Document you want to search up on and press Submit button

Please ensure you have your Visa Evidence Number handy. You will need this for DFFTA, ImmiCard and Passport search options. It can be found on your Passport or DFFTA document.

Complete the below fields and press “Submit” button.

For DFFTA, click Reference Type field and select Visa Evidence Number.

  • The Visa Ref Number can be found at the top of the left corner or the bottom (see below). Its usually around 12-13
  • The Document number can be found at the right corner (or bottom left), it’s a six-digit number (you must include the starting letter).

New Zealand applicants can also download their visa (that their granted automatically when entering Australia) from this site.

Upon Completion:

  • Legal Entity Customers; after attaining Applicants consent, must enter Visa Evidence Number onto the online Application.
  • Individual Applicants will need to upload the downloaded Visa