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Rapid Screening Is A Trusted Organisation Authorised To Provide National Police Clearances Within Australia.

100% Online Service

Our convenient service allows users to apply for and receive police checks 100% online without having to print, sign and upload scanned documentations. Everything can be submitted within minutes.

DVS Technology

We’ll lodge and return your police check online with no hassle and fuss, using cutting edge Document Verification Service (DVS) technology, to check your personal details against a national database.

ACIC/AFP Accredited

As an Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) & Australian Federal Police (AFP) Accredited Body, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind in knowing your police checks are fully accepted and recognised Australia wide.

Police Check or Criminal Check?

Australian national police clearances have been known by many names, such as:

Police Check
National Crime Check
National Police Check
National Police Clearance
Police Check Online
Police Check Australia
National Police Certificate
Police Clearance Certificate

The list for police check names goes on and on. People may call them by different names, but we know your referring to the same thing. That’s why to simplify things, we have separated the checks into two different categories; Employment/Volunteer check and AFP check (for Visa/Immigration purpose). All our checks are nationally Accredited and accepted throughout Australia. This is your one-stop-shop to sort out all your pre-employment screening needs.

There’s one thing for certain, police clearances are becoming mandatory for many industries, as they help Organisations make informed decisions about the suitability of an applicant. Whether you’re applying for Employment, Voluntary work, Visa/Immigration purpose or a position of trust, Rapid Screening makes the process of obtaining a national police clearance as easy and stress free as possible. Just check out our Google Reviews, because as the saying goes “actions speak louder than words”.

Employment Verification Check

Provide an Employment Verification Check certificate issued by Rapid Screening. No matter where you are, your certificate can be verified on our website by your future Employers.

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Visa Check

Your Australian Visa & Work Entitlement Check can be retrieved within minutes, with our access to the Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) services.

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Qualification Check

Many Organisations now are making sure candidates Qualifications are legitimate. Be first to get your Qualification verified and your job ready.

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Police Checks May Be Required For These Industries:

Builders & Contractors

Aged Home Care Sectors

Pharmacy & Post-Office

Job Applicants / Volunteer Staff

Recruitment / Employment Agencies

Early Childhood Education Sectors

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*Rapid Screening provides police checks 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. 75% of our checks return with a result within 0-2 business hours. However, some checks may require more time. Click here to read more about why some checks take longer than others.

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