Business Essentials

Do you need to conduct police checks on your employees & potential candidates?

Our Business Essentials service is the easiest, most efficient and fast way to obtain police clearances for existing or new staff members. Having up to date police clearances is essential for organisations to make informed decisions about the suitability of applicants for employment, occupation specific licensing and special projects.

By Signing Up For Our Business Portal, You’ll Receive These Benefits:

  • API Integration with your existing HR systems (optional)
  • The convenience of managing employee and customer police checks within one easy to navigate online portal
  • Access to a streamlined police check service without lengthy administration and processing times
  • Online results that are easy to filter and locate without annoying paperwork
  • National police checks accredited by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) and Australian Federal Police (AFP)
  • Improved compliance for your business, especially as the demand for mandatory police checks increases

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Supporting organisations HR needs

As a leading pre-employment screening Nationally Accredited Body of the ACI & AFP, we have performed identity checks for several leading organisations; Rapid Screening is well versed with every aspect involved in the background check process. We understand and see the big picture of making your organisation a safer place. Be it in any industry- not for profit, education, hospitals or construction, background checks are an essential part of recruiting people. We engage in the process by applying advanced technology, accuracy and swift turnaround times to give your organisation the best that there is. We hold ourselves to a very high compliance standard with all our checks.

Here is how we go above and beyond for our clients:

We are people oriented

Our business revolves around helping out clients. We help organisations find the right people to join their workforce. We deeply care about who our clients hire and take our background checks very seriously. We help our clients build a trustworthy and safe workforce while mitigating the risk involved with hiring the wrong people.

Technology Oriented

Our process is fast and extremely accurate owing to the deployment and use of only the best and latest technology to carry out background checks. We understand how sensitive the process is for our client’s organisation and do not compromise on any aspect of our checks conducted. We deliver innovative solutions to our client organisations and workforce.

Compliant Focused

For us at Rapid Screening, it is extremely important to hold ourselves up to the highest legal and ethical standards for compliance. Our approach is comprehensive, holistic and extremely transparent when it comes to managing legal and regulatory requirements for our clients’ workforce.

Broad Approach and local expertise

We offer a hands on approach to our clients by offering unique solutions to obtain quick results. We have worked with several large organisations in Australia to help them carry out background research to build a loyal and trust worthy workforce.

Industries that benefit from our services

Which industries can benefit from our expertise?

Any and every industry could benefit from our expertise. Any organisation that cares about building a trustworthy workforce can benefit from our expertise.

It may just be one aspect of the overall Human Resource and recruitment process but it is an aspect that is extremely important to any organisation.

Rapid Screening can streamline this extremely important process for you and rid your organisation of the hassle involved in conducting a background check. Our experts work within several industries and have successfully helped clients with obtaining all the checks involved in recruiting an employee.

Not For Profits Organisations

An extremely sensitive industry, the Not For Profit sector needs people who are trustworthy and reliable. Which is why compliance and risk form a huge part of the reporting requirements. Whether employing volunteers or permanent staff, you want each member of the workforce to be trustworthy, so that the overall mission of the organisation can be met. Background checks help in providing a safe environment for everyone associated within the organisations by providing appropriate information on a potential employee.

Education Sectors

Working in the education sector requires a wide range of factors other than the basic educational qualification. Aspects like character, people skills, sensitivity and right to work are just as important. We run several checks to determine whether an employee is fit to work for an educational institution or not.

Transport and Logistics

As an industry that heavily depends on external workforce and contractors, background checks become an essential part of onboarding external parties. It therefore is important to conduct pre employment checks to avoid any “concealed matters” that may arise in the future. For example, when hiring drivers, it is important they hold the right kind of license, but it’s also important to not have had any past driving records or an offense that could hamper an organisation’s reputation in the future.

Finance and Legal Firms

Finance and legal firms are usually very sensitive when it comes to compliance. We understand this sensitivity and conduct background checks with as much diligence as their standards expect. We follow the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commissions protocols on Reference Checking and Information Sharing to ensure the extremely stringent requirements are met.

Security Industry

As an industry involved in providing security to external parties, this industry needs to be just as up to the mark. We run a check on employment history, qualifications, reputation, past criminal records and more to ensure the employees hired are trustworthy, loyal and worthy for carrying out the assigned tasks.

Retail Outlets

Hiring for retail is tough and we understand that. We also understand the varying needs of background checks required at different level of employment within retail. We offer background checks and screening solutions to help retail-based organisations to screen and verify the background of employees in the most accurate way possible. Our services focus on addressing past checks regarding theft, disloyalty through a stringent process that our experts design. With this process we aim to help organisations increase the tenure and quality of their workforce.

Other industries

As stated above, these are just a few industries that can benefit from our expertise. Our experience and proficiency can be applied to a myriad of industries when it comes pre employment checks. We provide services to any organisation that employs in large volumes.