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Try a seamless connectivity of your front-end to our back-end systems.

API Integration delivers data and facilitates connectivity between devices and programs.

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Who’s benefiting from APIs?

To some capacity, almost every sector around the world is now depending on and furthering their Organisations with API Integration. That includes Retail, Media, Finance, Education… and the list goes on. By automating tasks you can leap frog your competitors to the top.

Will my business THRIVE with

The average Organisation uses so many cloud-based tools to improve their productivity. Managing all these applications can become hard work and time consuming. With API Integration you can streamline your many tools into one Management terminal/interface.

How Rapid Screening API Integration works?

Our API is a web service which allows you to use our Police Check system from your organisation/website. The API gives you the ability to create a new police check order, view the orders status and update it if required. Police check results are sent directly to your terminal and Applicants designated email address.

Pre-Employment Screening Experts

We are a trusted Accredited Body utelised Australia wide. Providing large Organisations the means to screen all their potential staff and candidates seamlessly.

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“Get your Rapid Screenings 100% Online Employment/Volunteer purpose police check, smooth application process, easy payment and rapid results. No printing, scanning required. Get your result directly to your email”.