Fees & ID’s

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Get Your National Police Check Within 1hr*

  • Rapid Screening provides one of the fastest, most convenient ways to receive a national police clearance in Australia.
  • Our service is operated entirely online, making it as easy as possible for individuals and business customers to apply for and receive background police clearances quickly and hassle-free.

Police Check Prices & Purpose

Check Type   Price Purpose
Employment Check $49.00 Employment
Volunteer Check$24.50 Volunteer 
Australian Federal Police Check $62.90Immigration, Visa, Citizenship, Working In Commonwealth Facilities & Working In ACT
(result will arrive via post)

Price: $49.00

Purpose: Employment

Price: $24.50
Purpose: Volunteer 

Price: $62.90
Purpose: Immigration, Visa, Citizenship, Working In Commonwealth Facilities & Working In ACT (result will arrive via post)

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How to apply for a Police Check? Follow our easy steps below.

Step 3 Instructions:

Immigration/visa purpose check: This requires you to upload 100 points ID’s for an Australian Federal Police (AFP) check. See AFP ID Requirements 

Employment purpose check: This requires you to upload four ID Documents from three categories for an ACIC National Police Check. See ACIC ID Requirements

Here is an example below. All ID’s uploaded must be CLEARLY VISIBLE to read.

Police Check ID Documents
*Rapid Screening provides police checks 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. 75% of our checks return with a result within 0-2 business hours. However, some checks may require more time. Click here to read more about why some checks take longer than others.
Police Online Check

Police checks are often required for…

  • Job applications
  • Recruitment (pre-employment screening)
  • Volunteer work
  • Occupation specific licensing
  • Working with children, vulnerable people or in aged care sectors
  • Visa applications
Stripe Payment Police Check
COMODO certificate Police Check