Volunteer Checks

Volunteer organisations may request for a National Police Check as part of their volunteer vetting process. Applying for a Volunteer Check involves identifying an individual’s disclosable court outcomes (if any). You should be advised by the organisation for the role you are applying for if a volunteer check is applicable. If you do not know, please ask the organisation you wish to work with.

Who Can Apply For A Volunteer Check?

Access to a Volunteer Check type is specifically for those Members Of Our Community Who Are Giving Of Their Time And Efforts To Contribute To The Community Good – for example, volunteer checks do not apply to persons who must provide a personal probity check to represent themselves as a fit and proper person, as per the requirements of the Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010, as it relates to Family Day Care Services in Victoria.

Volunteer Check purposes might be accessed by individuals who seek to offer their time coaching a soccer team for their local school, or reading in the library for vulnerable people; it might involve delivering meals as part of a registered ‘Meals On Wheels’ program.

Who Is Not Eligible For A Volunteer Check?

Any individual working with or alongside an organisation/business that receives direct benefit to the profitability and operations of the registered business.

When Is A Volunteer Check Required?

Volunteering roles may require a national police check which involves;

  • Meals On Wheels programs
  • Working with vulnerable people
  • Driving duties (not Family Day Care related)
  • First Aid volunteer