Employment Vs AFP Check

Are You Selecting The Right Police Check For Your Related Industry?

Applying for an an Employment purpose police check involves utilising the service established by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) to facilitate nationally coordinated criminal history checks to support the assessment of the suitability of people applying for employment (including positions of trust and volunteer service).

If you need a police check for Immigration/Visa purposes, please make sure to select the Australian Federal Police (AFP) check option. AFP checks will arrive directly via post mail and will not be sent via email. Because of this reason, police check results may take 5-25 business days to arrive. Rapid Screening is a registered partner with the AFP, our website service will send your completed application directly to Criminal Records department at AFP. You many contact us directly for any inquires regards your application

(ACIC) Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check

  • This check is frequently used for most type of Employment purposes (including positions of trust and Volunteer services ).
  • Your result (certificate) is delivered to you via email
  • 70% of all checks submitted to the Service are completed and returned to the accredited body 0-2 business days, all other checks can take longer than 10 days to return.

(AFP) Australian Federal Police Check

  • This check is frequently used for Visa, Immigration, Citizenship or Commonwealth Employment purposes (working in the ACT)
  • Your result (certificate) is delivered to you via post mail (not email)
  • Results may take 5-25 business days to arrive at your chosen address. Read more..

What Do I Need To Apply For A Police Check?

You will need access to a desktop monitor with a camera or a mobile device (with quality camera). If your desktop monitor doesn’t have a camera, you will need a scanner to upload your ID documents.

ID Requirements For ACIC And AFP Police Checks

ID Requirements for ACIC

ID Requirements for ACIC

When applying for an ACIC nationally coordinated criminal history check (NCCHC), you must complete/sign the online Consent Form and upload four ID documents from three categories. See

ID Requirements

Employment Check

ID Requirements for AFP

ID Requirements for AFP

When applying for an AFP National Police Check (NPC), you must complete/sign the online Consent Form and upload a minimum of 100 points of identification. See

Australian Federal Police Check

ID Requirements

How Are My ID Documents Verified?

For Employment purpose police checks, we will verify your ID Documents online via our Document Verification Service (DVS) system. You DO NOT need to get them certified unless we request you to do so.

What If My ID’s Cannot Be Verified?

If your ID’s cannot be verified, you may need to get your ID’s certified by a person before whom a statutory declaration may be made (see below).

Below Is A List Of Personals Before Whom A Statutory Declaration May Be Made:

Chiropractor Patent attorney
Dentist Pharmacist
Legal practitioner Physiotherapist
Medical practitioner Psychologist
Nurse Trade marks attorney
Optometrist Veterinary surgeon