Pre-Employment Screening Checks

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  • Employment Verification Check
  • Qualification Check
  • Visa & Work Entitlement Check

Pre-Employment Check Fees & Purpose

Check Type Fees Purpose
Employment Verification Check $35.90
GST free
Job Application
Qualification Check $35.90
GST free
Job Application
Visa & Work Entitlement Check $9.90
GST free
Immigration, Visa, Citizenship, Job Application

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National Police Check AFP Check

Police checks are often required for…

  • Job applications
  • Recruitment (pre-employment screening)
  • Volunteer work
  • Occupation specific licensing
  • Working with children, vulnerable people or in aged care sectors
  • Visa applications

Employment Verification & Qualification Check

Employment Verification Check

What is an employment verification check?

Employment Verification Check – also known as Employment History Check – is commonly done to verify accuracy of the information provided in a CV, and confirm the potential employee’s past work experience. The level of pre-employment screening required will vary according to the organisational context and the role being filled.

What’s included in a qualification check?

Generally, an employment verification checks will involve one Human Resources person contacting another Human Resources person in an organisation listed on a CV to confirm any or all of the following:

  • Name of organisation
  • Dates individual was employed for
  • Nature of individual’s employment (full time, part time, casual, contractor)
  • Salary
  • Position/s held
  • Job duties
  • Reason for leaving or being terminated
  • Rehire eligibility
Why is an employment verification check done?

These types of checks are one of the most useful and important checks that a potential employer will do when considering a prospective employee. Employment verification checks is used to ensure the suitability, integrity and identity of people they are hoping to engage to work with.

This is particularly important due to the number of false resumes circulating. Sadly, many applicants will lie on their resume about their work history. If an individual lies about their past employment, they could be putting the potential new employer at risk. A background check to verify employment will give an employer full confidence in hiring a new employee.

Most employment background checks report the last seven years and will identify any inconsistencies within a resume.

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Qualification Check

What is a qualification check?

A Qualification Check – also known as an Education Check, is a quick and easy process to validate a potential employee’s formal qualifications attained – at school, university, TAFE, College or other educational and training institutions either in Australia or around the world.

What’s included in a qualification check?

Most qualification checks are pretty standard in what type of information that’ll report. This includes:

  • Individual’s name
  • Institution/s attended
  • Qualification or certification attained
  • Date of graduation
  • Academic results/grades
Why is a qualification check done?

There are a breadth of universities and educational bodies right across the world. As people are increasingly studying and living abroad, it is becoming more and more difficult to find all of the information to verify formal qualifications for this magnitude of institutions. There are also legal requirements, language barriers and unique processes and documentation which can make obtaining individuals copies of academic transcripts difficult.

A centrally organised qualification check through Rapid Screening can help take the stress away. Rapid Screening is able to verify qualifications at universities and colleges across the world.

Qualification checks will confirm accuracies and highlight discrepancies in a CV. Instead of relying on copies of documents provided by potential employees, you can get an overview of everything in the one place, at the click of a button.

This check provides employers the confidence to make better hiring decisions, knowing the individual they’re looking to recruit holds a relevant qualification.

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Visa & Work Entitlement Check

A VEVO Check or a Work Entitlement Check is the verification process used by the government to determine whether a visa holder can be given the Right To Work in Australia or not. The VEVO Check can be completed online and will deliver the following details of an Applicant:

  • Full Name
  • Visa Type (class / subclass)
  • Visa Grant Date
  • Visa Expiry Date (if applicable)
  • Passport Number
  • Passport Nationality
  • Work Entitlement (including any conditions)

Once completed, applicants can easily check the visa status of their form and see which stage their visa check has progressed to.

For Organisations

The VEVO Visa and Work Entitlement Check saves employers the time and effort to manually verify whether an employee has the legal right to work in Australia or not. Rapid Screening’s team of experts can gladly take on this process for your organisation and help with the verification of a potential employee’s Right To Work.

For Employees & Students

Obtaining a VEVO Visa Check is important for employment and education purposes. This will enable applicants to provide their employers, education organisations and other involved entities with a proof of their Right to Work in Australia. Once the visa check application is completed, applicants will easily be able to check their visa status and share the same with the required organisations. They can also use this document for Police Check applications (Commencement ID) with ACIC for employment/volunteer purposes.

Applying for a Visa Check through Rapid Screening will save you the time and effort it takes to fill in the application form. Moreover, our team will bring their expert knowledge to the the visa check application process, thereby removing any roadblocks that you would face when applying for the VEVO Check by yourself. Save yourself the hassle and time involved in the application process by trusting our experts with your application process.

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National Police Check AFP Check

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We have a variety of Nationally Accredited Australian Police Checks:

  • Employment
  • Volunteer
  • Immigration/Visa